Distribution, The Phenomena (Educational Purpose)

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You gotta admit in any free market, before you sell your stocks, you will have to be able to distribute them to all your consumers. Well, the good news is that the exact process also takes place in the financial market.

This is today’s action. I have tried to clearly show you the pre-emptive signs. To be able to catch this signs, you will have to gain the ability of being always patient.

Good luck on your investments and Happy Trading ūüôā


Price action’s complexity

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In the early days, I managed to formulate my own approach when analysing the markets. I can not claim that I invented my own style, rather it was an art of connecting the dots from my accumulated knowledge.

The markets are analysed in multi-dimensional approach. Almost, every individual trader has their own way of discipline hence why the markets appear complex.

The above chart illustrates how the market can be approached by the use of price patterns and the Fibonacci number sequences. There is in fact an alignment of 3 patterns, specifically. The 3 drive, butterfly pattern and head-and-shoulders. These patterns collectively are known as Harmonic patterns

Notice how there was the use of lagging line in formulating a pattern. The reason why I did this, was because, I relied on the idea that history repeat itself. The following link is the result of the analysis.

Good luck and Happy trading ūüėČ

The Shadows of the Smart Money


Simple! In the financial markets, before selling any stocks, phenomena such as distribution has to happen before a bear market is established.  It is important to understand this mechanism.

The above diagram shows the pre-emptive signs that can be recognised by your eyes. The secret to this is patience and nothing else. After-all, I do believe that time is money. ¬†When recognizing these signs, bear in mind that the market makers will be moving the prices¬†around to trap you into opening poor positions. One more thing, never rely on news. Financial markets weren’t designed for your benefit.

The following link is a result of this phenomena, notice how the market turned into a bear market after the distribution took place.

Good luck on your investments and happy trading ūüėČ

Time is money

This here is a brief report on my work. Only your patience is needed to get my point.  how-to-cure-bronchitis-fast

Time is Money

Time and reasoning.

An hour has 60 minutes. 60 minutes divided by 4 is 15. This means that there are 4-fifteen minute time intervals within a 1 hour duration. If we divide 60 minute by 5, we will get 12-five minute time intervals within a 1 hour duration.

Formula: Money = Time.
                 : Like causes = Like effects

Factual realism:
: After storm comes the calm.
: Buy on down bars or when is still cheap. Vice-versa to when Selling.
: Prices are gapped up on weakness.
: Prices are gapped down on strength

Strength Weakness
  1. Strength appear on down bars. This can be a selling climax or a test.
  2. Strength is one of the cause of the bull market.
  3. The Syndicate traders have to pay the toll if they want higher prices to be maintained.
  4. Bull market is a persistence market.
  1. Weakness appear on up bars. This can be a buying climax or an up-thrust.
  2. Weakness is one of the cause of the bear market.
  3. The bear market tends to fall faster without professional support.
  4. When the volume of selling has increased considerably. You will be required to wait for the next wave up before joining them.

The Wholesalers

They tend to buy on the test after the stocks have been fully accumulated. And they sell when there is an up-thrust or sometimes no demand bar after the stocks have been fully distributed.

Caution: If the syndicate traders are still bullish. They will mark-up the price, giving you what may appear like a poor price and it will probably discourage you from buying into the market.

Take an interest in the market, when the prices have high volatility; And also when the next move is about to be created. Pre-emptive signs can be easily noticed when mechanisms such as Accumulation or Distribution take place.

Time is in fact money. On these time intervals, you can earn money as way professionals do. The secret to this is patience and self discipline.